Leadership Roles

2022-2023: PhD Program Director. DI/FCUL

2022: President of the Electoral Commission of the elections for the Scientific Council. FCUL

2019: Member of the Senior Management Team. SIM/VUW

2019: Research Director. SIM/VUW

2015–2018: Coordinator of Learning & Teaching. SIM/VUW

2013–2015: Conveyor of the Behavior and IT Area of Strategic Distinctiveness. SIM/VUW

2013: Co-proponent of the re-structure of the IS Undergraduate Program (which started in 2015). SIM/VUW

2011–2012: Director of LASIGE. FCUL

2009–2011: Elected Member of the Pedagogic Council. FCUL

2005–2007: Coordinator of all undergraduate and graduate programs. DI/FCUL

2004: Member of the Executive Committee of the Informatics Center. FCUL

2003: Co-Author of the Undergraduate Program in Informatics restructure. FCUL

2000–2001: Coordinator of the Master Program in Informatics. FCUL

1999: Member of the Executive Committee of CSTC Research Center. IST/UL

1999: Treasurer of CSTC Research Center. IST/UL